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General Mechanical Services

Our workshop offers a variety of mechanical services, including:

  • logbook servicing
  • fuel injection system diagnostics
  • clutch and drivetrain repairs
  • timing belt replacement
  • manual and automatic transmission rebuilds
  • differential rebuilds
  • roll cage design and accreditation
  • diagnostics and minor auto-electrical work
  • brake system servicing
  • steering and suspension servicing and part replacement
  • petrol and common-rail diesel engine servicing
  • radiator and cooling system repairs
  • turbocharger and intercooler installation, and other performance upgrades

To find out more about the services we offer, give us a call today!

Logbook Servicing

When buying a new car the warranty that comes with it will protect you from certain unexpected expenses. To maintain this warranty, new car owners are often required to bring their vehicle to a reputed mechanic for a regular logbook service, to identify faults in your vehicle before they become larger problems.

Instead of wasting extra time and money taking your vehicle back to the dealership, we're able to provide logbook servicing for any passenger vehicle, allowing you to maintain your warranty while saving you time and money.

To find out more, or to book your next logbook service with us, give us a call today!

Safety Inspections

Before you put up your vehicle for sale or re-register it for road use, it first needs to be checked by a government-approved inspection station to ensure your vehicle's fit for the road.

Our workshop can conduct safety inspections on all makes and models of passenger car and light commercial vehicle, allowing you to put your vehicle up for sale or use it on Queensland roads. We can also conduct a range of pre-purchase and pre-trip inspections, for added peace of mind.

To find out more about our vehicle inspection services, contact us today!

Brake & Clutch Repairs

Your vehicle's brakes are arguably your vehicle's most important safety feature, and with the stop-and-start nature of inner-city driving wear and tear can develop in your brakes rather quickly. Problems with your clutch can develop in the same way, affecting your ability to shift gears.

We can check your brake systems for signs of fatigue, replacing brake pads, calipers, discs and rotors, as well as machining certain parts in-shop and restoring worn brake discs to draw a little extra life from them. We can also repair issues in your drivetrain, including all transmissions and differentials.

If your vehicle's suffering from brake or clutch problems, book your vehicle in for a service by giving us a call today!

Engine Repairs

The engine is your vehicle's beating heart, and any issues here can take your vehicle off the road very quickly.

At Quattromotive we can inspect your engine for trouble signs, and offer a range of engine repairs including fuel injector cleaning, EFI diagnostics, replacement of timing belts, and a range of performance upgrades.

If your engine is underperforming, call us today to book an inspection!

Transmission & Differential

Our small team of experienced technicians can check your manual or automatic transmission for issues, repairing or replacing the entire unit as necessary. We're also able to service your vehicle's differential, which regulates wheel rotation speeds between left and right tyres and allows for improved handling through corners.

If your vehicle's having trouble changing gears or if you're feeling a loss of traction when turning, contact us today for an inspection of your transmission and differential!

Steering & Suspension

We're able to provide a comprehensive list of repairs and services for your vehicle's steering and suspension, from power steering systems to replacing car springs, shock absorbers and bushing. You'll drive your vehicle away with improved handling and a much smoother ride.

To find out more about what we can do for your steering and suspension, give us a call today!

Radiator & Cooling

Driving a vehicle with an overheating engine can lead to major problems, which can take your vehicle off the road quite quickly. The easiest cure for an overheating engine is prevention: making sure your vehicle's cooling system is in a working condition.

We're able to conduct a complete service of your vehicle's cooling system, from repairing or replacing your vehicle's radiator unit and checking your thermostat for faults, to mending cracks and leaks in your coolant hosing, and conducting a coolant flush to clear any unseen clogs or blockages.

If your vehicle isn't keeping its cool, give us a call today!


Sometimes finding the exact cause of an electrical fault in your vehicle is more complicated than simply checking the dashboard for warning lights. As vehicles become more and more sophisticated with their on-board electronics, a greater emphasis is placed on a healthy electrical system in your vehicle, and a fault can affect anything from lighting to fuel management to airbag deployment.

Our team of experienced auto electricians are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to help isolate electrical faults and restore your vehicle's malfunctioning electronic systems. We can also give advice on the ideal battery for your vehicle, and repair or replace faulty alternators or starter motors.

To find out more about our diagnostic inspections and auto electrical services, give us a call today!

Race Preparation & Performance

As the team behind a three-time Queensland rally champion, Quattromotive knows what it takes to bring a car to race condition. We're able to advise customers on the best approach to tuning their vehicle for peak performance, from aftermarket parts upgrades to fitting and replacing turbochargers and intercoolers.

We're also accredited as designers and installers of quality roll cages for race vehicles, ensuring your car meets safety standards. To find out more about our race vehicle services, contact us today.

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